Tactical Athlete Packages

Basic Training - $325 Monthly

The Basic plan is an online 1 on 1 coaching program for those individuals that need either great, customized training programs, or habit focused nutrition guides but don’t have a need for both.

Weight Bar

Premium - $450 Monthly (Best Value)

The Premium plan is the real deal. It includes every single thing you'll need to achieve your greatness! You're going to get a customized training program delivered through the incredible Trainerize system that'll help lead to your desired health and physique.

You'll benefit from working with an expert in injury prevention and exercise recovery. Along with higher levels of accountability and communication from me. 

Executive - $625 Monthly

The Executive plan is the ultimate online program. It will include all of the tools you require to succeed in your journey to your health and physique goal. You'll receive more workout options per month, more detailed nutrition guides, a supplementation guide and more access to me.

Cross Fit Class

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